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MySensARAugmented Reality eHealth App  


There are over 30 million Americans under age 65 who are uninsured along with 40% who do not seek medical attention when sick or injured because of cost.


Giving people more control over their health with self-education and self-diagnosis by integrating augmented reality to pinpoint the exact location of their symptoms.  It saves money, time and worries over going to a doctor's office, especially for those who are reluctant to see a doctor or due to cost.

My Role

This project took place between May 2020 and October 2020.  I worked on this project as a Lead UX Designer for the UX Design Engineering Certification Program at Kenzie Academy.

I lead the design team of 4 members.  I was responsible for the research, user flows/stories, sketching, wireframing and prototyping.


After the team agreed on the general idea of an ehealth AR app, we sat down for a 3 day kick off discovery session.  I did the market and competitive research and participated in interviewing those who are our target users.  With the valuable data that was collected, we first started with creating our personas, userflows and storyboard.

Market / Competitor Research

Market Demand for eHealth Apps is projected to go up from 40 to 240 USD Billions.


Direct Competitor is WebMD (which offers no AR features).

InDirect Competitors are Everyday Health; Family Doctor and Mayo Clinic.

Discovery Feedback

“Well, depends what my symptoms are. If I have a cold, I take some Echinacea and vitamin C usually.” 

“I go online alot too.  Mostly Google stuff” 

“No I haven’t used an app yet”

“Yeah, I do. But I always get stuck with a bill anyway.  So I kinda avoid it, if it’s not anything life threatening, I guess”

All testers always went online

first before going to a doctor.


Persona 1.jpg
Persona 2.jpg
Persona 3.jpg


Scenario of a sick girl in bed
who is uninsured and afraid of doctors.   She discovers the MySensAR app by an Ad and finds an affordable course of treatment for her common cold.
My SensAR Presentation.png

 User Flows - Happy Path

user flow_Happy Path Edition.png
The ideal user flown (Whimsical) that we are hoping would be the 'Happy Path'.  The flow has to be Simple and Fast for those who would be using the app that are suffering with pain or illness.  Next step, using the flow to sketch a design and create the 1st iteration (Figma) prototype to conduct user testing. 

1st Prototype Iteration

1st iteration part 1.jpg

Usability Testing (Guerilla-Method) - Feedback

Conducted the guerilla usability testing in public places ( Walgreen's, CVS, coffee shops, shopping malls and bus stops ) and quickly filming whilst they use the prototype for a few minutes and having them speak out loud as they go through it.


“I like that you can choose the different levels of pain”



“Ok the create account is cool because I can use face recognition or thumb recognition.”



“ the clinics and hospitals being linked with maps.”



“I love that I can see what is under my skin with augmented reality.”


“I’m not sure what this screen is for” 

(Treatment options screen) 



“I’m not sure if I tap Guest or Create account”



“...felt the app tried to do too much and felt there were too many steps before they got the results”



“...virtual assistant was not necessary.”

Design System

MySensAR Design System.jpg

 Consultant - Shah Hassam MD 

Stroger Hospital of Cook CountyMedical

Dr. S. Hassam - 

(audio recorded

link below)

“What's brilliant about the app is that it shows you the body in augmented reality”


“I would add medical history with the symptoms checker”


“Add telehealth option.  Doctor fees are cheaper

Phase 2

  • To test the app out it in a selected target area 

  • Collect data using Google Analytics: Amount of traffic, Bounce rate, Percentages on the Landing screen, Demographic information of visitors, ect

  • Based on user feedback and on the collected information from above modify interface design. 

  • Create healthcare partners - CityMD clinics, Homepathic clinics, Free clinics .

  • Develop interface for iPhone/Android compatibility 

Income Generating Strategies

  • Ad revenues with noticible unintrusive ads to generate income.

  • Sell My SensAR AR patches imbedded with QR code for specific body region/systems

  • Offer Premium membership with added features ( subscription to monthly newsletter for the latest health-related news; links to support groups, high-resolution augmented reality )

  • Partner with Verily or similiar company to sell temperature patches - body worn temperature patch that transmits data to a phone application to provide timely notification of fever and support earlier diagnosis and treatment of a viral infection like the flu or

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