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The Real Light Tower Guild

A start-up company that will provide disabled/students/graduates flexible internships usng a working technical company's business model.  LTG will bring in real-world projects and allow the interns to fill a multitude of roles within a company.


To redesign the entire website to improve usability, accessibility and appearance to create a better user experience while keeping in mind the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

My Role

  • Design Lead for a new website
  • Create additional features: Project selection for collaborations.
  • Working closely with the Team consisting of the back-end developers and founder to finalize the visual design.
  • Create prototype for usability testing
  • Design the Certification of Completion for users.

Who are our target users

  • Disabled Software Engineers, UX UI Designers, Back-End & Front-End Developers
  • Recently graduated 
Rectangle 18.png
Rectangle 41.png

Discovery Research 

"I've been applying but I think because I am disabled nobody wants to hire me."​
"I need experience and projects to add to my portfolio."
"Every job opening requires work experience"
"Too much competition with experienced applicants compared to me who just graduated from bootcamp."
"I need to prove to everyone that I am just as good as someone who has no disability!"
"Most of the time, it's hard for me to read the words (not following WCAG guidelines."



  • A small team consisting of Product Owner, Front End Developer and UX UI Designer
  • Determining how the site will be accessible to the visually impaired and disabled.
  • Navigational structure
  • Improving the projects and team sections
  • Improving the Home page
  • Deadline to re-design is only 2 weeks - Per Founder

1st Iteration Design

Journey Map

Dweeb Collab app@2x (1).png

Final Stage

  • Hav​ing gone through a couple of iterations, the goal was to create a dynamic website that is intuitive and draws in users.
  • The site is currently being built by the developer.
User Research Method: Assessment Research
I will be collecting feedback after app/site is launched focusing on the disabled users. 
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