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Dweebs Collab 

Dweebs Global Organization's application for the purpose of collaboration with teams around the world on diverse projects.
The Dweebs Collab Home page 
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My Role

Senior UX Designer working with a team of 4 - Project Manager, 2 UX UI Designers and Software Engineer as of December, 2020 to present.
  • I created the interface design for the Sign-up, Create Profile, Location Map, User Look-up pages
  • Applying the Design System - Fonts, Colors, Images for consistency across all the pages
  • Creating the prototype with Figma to conduct usability testing - Guerilla / Remote Method


Users: Professionals - Artists - Teachers
Demographics: How to design the platform with a user flow that is easy to navigate and components that are identifiable all over the world.
Features for teams to use to help eachother communicate and collaborate.
Map locator for users to locate teams and projects within the desired location.
Adhering to the Accessibility/WCAG guidelines


The target users were determined using three different professions; lifestyles and various regions of the world 

Journey Map

Usability Method / User Feedback ( 1st iteration )

Method: Remote
Users -
"There isn't much of a description of the team's projects" 
"I like location map and how it spins"
"Do I have to sign-up or can I just browse first?"
"I don't want to include my location, can that be optional?"
1st iteration
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My Profile page.jpg
Userr Profile page-1.jpg

Struggles and Hurdles

Should we design it like a LinkedIn or less corporate with more fun vectors?
"We want a more 'Fun' look" 
"It looks too Corporate"
"How about if we use fun vectors?"
To keep in line with the WCAG  guidelines, a blue color with theme will be implemented throughout the app.  Voted on the fonts for the typography hierarchy - 'heading' - 'sub-heading' - 'body'.
Applied updated fonts / blue color theme

2nd Iteration design in progress

Stay tuned.....

Design System

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